About Hirata Kaen
Hirata Kaen is a dedicated farmer of carnations located in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture.

We began growing chrysanthemums in the post-War period of the late 1950s. As Japan entered an era of rapid economic growth, lifestyles, culture, and customs became increasingly Westernized, and in the late 1960s, we began growing carnations.

In the following years, we expanded the scale of our operations and diversified our sales channels, and today, we grow around 60 varieties of carnations on about 5,300 square meters (1.3 acres), shipping about 600,000 flowers every year. We ship not only locally but also to major floral markets all over Japan, including Sapporo, Tokyo, and Okinawa.

Hirata Kaen’s management philosophy is “We want to adorn your life …”
The “you” whose lives we want to adorn includes not only the consumers who enjoy Hirata Kaen’s carnations, but also the florists who draw out the beauty of our carnations by many times, our partner companies who help us in various ways to make the carnations we want to offer, and our employees who work hard every day at our farm. In other words, “you” refers to everyone who is involved in Hirata Kaen.
Hirata Kaen wants to be of service to the lives of all of those “you.” In our desire to bring people closer to flowers and to let them know more about the charms of carnations, we have begun selling our carnations directly to general consumers and to our partner florists.

In addition to “Shunbi,” our range of extremely popular flower-jewel accessories, we have added a new range of pierced earrings, pendants, and other accessories adorned with real flower petals to our product offerings. In November 2017, we launched “like a mother,” a range of skincare products containing carnation essence, which is full of moisturizing ingredients. These products offer a completely new way to enjoy carnations other than as fresh flowers. Treat yourself or send them to someone important for any manner of special occasion, to convey a message in the wonderful language of flowers.

Hirata Kaen will continue to do its best to be even more well-loved.
I am Keiichiro Hirata of Hirata Kaen. After high school, I went on to study in the Department of Agriculture at Tokyo University of Agriculture’s Faculty of Agriculture. Upon graduation, I trained at the Sapporo Wholesale Market and the Hotel New Otani Sapporo, before taking my place on the family farm as a third-generation carnation farmer.

I am passionate about my work, constantly asking myself what things we need to change in line with the times and what things we need to protect.
In my production endeavors, my aim is to be a producer that our customers can count on. Instead of a “product out” approach of offering high-quality flowers by growing flowers that are easy for the farmer to grow, my philosophy involves a “market in” approach, offering high-quality flowers that account for the needs of the regions, industries and consumers to whom we sell.

With a firm awareness of this “market in” approach, that it is not the good products that sell well, but the products that sell well are good products, to differentiate from the needs of our customers, Hirata Kaen ships large-flower carnations when they are in full bloom. Spray carnations are shipped after the secondary buds that grow beside the flowers have been completely removed. Also, at Hirata Kaen, our aim is to ensure consistent quality, no matter which box is opened and whenever it is opened.

Rather than the usual “safety and peace of mind,” our goal is “stability and peace of mind.”

During post-harvest sorting to coordinate shipments, quality differences can emerge, even among flowers of the same grade.

At Hirata Kaen, we control uniformity of standards and quality thoroughly in the greenhouses prior to harvest. In principle, therefore, we do not conduct post-harvest sorting.

I will continue to devote myself to the reliable production of carnations and to the ongoing development of Hirata Kaen. I will convey my appreciation to everyone in the form of beautiful carnations.
Hirata Kaen’s Promise
1. Our flowers are shipped within 24 hours of harvest without chilled storage.
Our carnations grow inside greenhouses in a controlled temperate climate.
Chilling them after harvest to keep them fresh places stress on the carnations.
Hirata Kaen does not even own a refrigerator. We strive hard to deliver our flowers to our customers in as stress-free a state as possible.
2. All secondary buds are removed in the greenhouse.
Unnecessary buds, the secondary buds on spray carnations, and other buds that will not flower are removed to allow more nutrition to be directed to the flowers so they can grow big and strong.
To enable as much nutrition as possible to reach the flowers, we remove these buds at an early stage.
3. We pre-treat our flowers with chemicals using the proper methods.
o our customers can enjoy longer our flowers which have bloomed strong and healthy as a result of our daily cultivation management, we pre-treat them properly with post-harvest chemicals.
(HIFLORA Concentrated, 1000x dilution, treated for at least 8 hours)
2463-9 Watada Honmura, Karatsu, Saga Prefecture
TEL. +81-955-67-4877
FAX. +81-955-67-4179