SHUNBI captures the instant of beauty of fresh flowers.
We use special technology to coat the entire flower, retaining its original color.
Each one is hand-crafted and made even more gorgeous by adding elements such as Swarovski crystals. In addition to carnations grown at Hirata Kaen, we also make SHUNBI accessories from roses and sunflowers grown by other local farmers.
The entire production process takes place here at Hirata Kaen. Each flower has its own unique character, such as color and the way it blooms, making each of our SHUNBI accessories truly the only one of its kind in the world.
Because they are made with fresh flowers, they change little by little over time as they settle into their own natural beauty. Treat yourself or give one to someone important for any manner of special occasion, to convey a message in the wonderful language of flowers.
Adorn your gorgeous times with that “instant of beauty” …
2463-9 Watada Honmura, Karatsu, Saga Prefecture
TEL. +81-955-67-4877
FAX. +81-955-67-4179